About Us

Five boys from New York City chasing their dreams - that's what can be said for NYC rock/metal band, Zoume. Forming and releasing their first EP 'Storyteller' in 2014, the band immediately began to gain traction in their city and across the country through social media. Following in the footsteps of their influences, the band is constantly working towards their dream and isn't taking no for an answer.

Upon solidifying their lineup and getting their feet firmly planted on the ground, the band began to write new music and sought to make bigger moves. They started with the release of their music video, 'Someday You'll See'. Now with 21,000 views and counting, it's safe to say the boys made a bold statement with their first song as a true band. They followed swiftly with their latest single 'Sleep', a beautiful music video by the ocean that sits at 11,000+ views already.

In the midst of all this, the boys were in the middle of writing the music that would become their second ep 'Prophecy', released June 2016. Vocalist Christopher Tito says that to him, "Prophecy is the first true release of this band". Here, the band goes from a dark "Lost Boy" and a song full of attitude like "Diablo" to a more anthemic sound, heard in "Change" and "Sleep" - in between sits the fast paced "Storyteller", which is sure to make you catch your breath. The band ends their EP with a beautiful "Heaven" - soaring melodies and guitar solos that'll echo in your head long after hearing them.

Consisting of five dedicated members, Zoume is stopping at nothing to make their dreams a reality. Opening for the bands they grew up on, Escape The Fate and The Word Alive, and even modern day favorites like The Plot in You and Being as an Ocean, the band is clearly looking to earn their own spot alongside these bands. The band has even been featured on Alternative Press a few times, similar to their favorite bands. Looking to hit the road soon, they're sure to spread like like a disease once they do - so keep up with a daily dose of Zoume until then!


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